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1) Who makes your soap? 
Yours truly, from start to finish! I get to bring out my creative side and come up with limitless ideas of pretty soaps! Who wouldn’t have fun doing that!?

2) Do you complete wholesale orders? 
Not at this time. However we are always happy to fulfill a custom order! Click here to Contact us.

3) How do I use it? Are there special care instructions

You can use my cold processed soaps just as you would any regular body bar you buy in stores.  Seeing as they contain no preservatives and have been air cured to release any extra water, they will « suck up » any water if they are left in a wet shower or countertop and become gooey.  If this happens, don’t panic, simply place it somewhere with plenty of airflow and it should come back to its prior consistency.  It is best to leave it on a proper soap dish or wire shower rack away from direct contact from your shower spray to dry between uses. In doing so, your bar will last so much longer! 

4) What is sodium hydroxide?
This necessary agent, also known as lye, converts oils into soap. Once this process happens (isn’t science cool) oils are converted to soap and the sodium hydroxyde is no longer present in the remaining mix! 

5) It is too pretty to use, can I use it as an air freshener?
Sure, but it's so much better as soap! Please do what makes you happy, but I'd love you to use it as soap! I have plenty more for you!