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About Us

Hi there!

My name is France and I’m a soap maker! I’m the owner of this family based Northern Ontario (Canada) soapery. We are so excited to bring all natural handmade soaps to our small community and to you 🙂

For us, soapmaking began In 2018 when we were trying to navigate the current market to find products with less packaging to avoid adding more single use plastics to our landfills and oceans! Since we live in such a small community, they were very hard to find. We wanted to persevere, we wanted to #savetheplanet!  I decided to make our own soaps & cleaning products instead and through this, a passion for making pretty soaps with less of an impact on the planet was born!!

Initially just making them to serve as our family’s purposes, they began to stack up in our home, and so we were giving them out as  birthday gifts and holiday gifts and best-teacher of the week gifts! People couldn’t believe that our little gems of soaps were hiding in Frank’s (that’s me 😉) basement! So, naturally, being the creative that I am, I was inspired to start offering them to you, and here we are!

Jon, my hubby, is his own version of an artisan, and dabbles with woodworking...the soapery venture inspired him to start making projects here an there that helped me out with my soaps.  He made my molds, and tons of other tools as well as set up my little soaping studio in our home! (Aren’t I the lucky gal ☺️) even more recently he started playing around with various soap accessories, now available in the shop (check them out!)  

Our ingredients are responsibly sourced, and our manufacturing waste is responsibly reduced/reused/recycled! ♻️ All of the products on this site are made in house, right here in our tiny community called Kapuskasing, but that won’t stop us from getting our products to you! We ship internationally. So what are you waiting for!? Stop reading this and get shopping. Click  the ‘Shop’ tab up above 👆and check out what we’ve got !