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🦄  Highway Unicorn 🦄
🦄  Highway Unicorn 🦄
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🦄 Highway Unicorn 🦄

Primitive Suds
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100% Natural Cold Process Soap - Phthalate and Paraben free fragrance oil.

This cutie was formulated with your kiddos in mind. It boasts wonderfully fruity scents of pear and blueberries and will make the chore of bath time so fun! They have even been dusted with an ultra-pretty toping of biodegradable, eco-friendly ✨ glitter ✨and a lovely plastic-free mica glitter drizzle.

(*Unicorn embeds, made of detergent-free melt and pour soap can be removed before use.)


Our extra large 2-in-1 combination soaps are extra creamy and ideal for nourishing dry skin. They combine two separate soap recipes: the tops are a highly superfatted formulation that offer extra lotion-like humectants to parched skin.  The bottoms, remain our classic artisan formula you know and love. As a bonus, they are extra PRETTY! ☺️


Use as you would ordinary soap; Lather, Rinse Repeat*!

Seeing as they are quite large, some people like to cut these in half before use, but can also be used whole. To increase the life of your bar of soap, keep in a cool & dry place,  let dry between uses and for even longer life, use with our made-in-house soap dish, that can be found in the "Home" Section of the shop.

Ingredients : Water, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Sweet almond oil, canola oil, Castor oil, Sodium hydroxide, Fragrance oil blend, mica & titanium dioxide for colour.

Made in : Kapuskasing, ON, Canada



Please use caution and common sense when using our products,

-For external use only, if skin irritation occurs discontinue use;
-If soap gets into eyes, flush with water;
-Please read ingredients carefully if you have allergies or sensitive skin;
-Although these products are made with natural ingredients, DO NOT EAT.